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Forgiveness doesn't always come easy yet the idea of it, the action of it seems so simple. You do something wrong, you apologise, you are forgiven. Or, someone does something wrong, they apologise, you forgive. So simple, however the reality of it is so utterly different.

    The most obvious hiccup in our formula of forgiveness is the lack of the apology. If step two doesn't happen, how the hec are we supposed to get to our desired result of forgiveness?  And

if that isn't complicated enough, if we do get (or in some cases give) the apology, what if forgiveness is not so forthcoming?    

     I guess the formula doesn't take into account the multiple




Often sitting in nature I find words come to me. If I let it flow I hear - a poem, a chant, phrases. With those words sometimes comes sound. When you hear this don't be afraid to sing out loud. To hear your own voice. Not only are you receiving healing directly from Mother Earth, your voice clears the chakras, opening new channels to Source.

varieties of forgiveness there really is. We forgive one another's anger. We forgive one another's cruel words. We forgive one another's jealousy. We forgive one another's impatience. Forgiveness comes in all shapes and sizes.

     There is a beautiful yin yang balance in the process of forgiveness. The person to be forgiven must become outward, understanding how their actions may have impacted another. The person doing the forgiving must become inward, working to release any emotions that do not serve the soul. When a natural balance is struck then there is harmony between the yin and yang energy, a natural rhythm that will flow between you and the other, whether that person is in your life or not.

    If the person is not in your life or simply refuses to budge, you may be left with possibly the hardest kind of forgiveness there is - forgiving yourself. When the other person is not engaged then you are left with this lesson in its entirety. The lesson is to strike a harmony within oneself. To find peace :)

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