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I am frequently asked about how I came into this line of work and developed my gifts. The answer is more simple than people expect - life experience. I have had my own mountain to climb in life and it is my personal connection with spirit that has kept me on the path moving forward, facing every challenge with faith and understanding.


From the age of 20 I developed a close friendship with my guide and had almost daily psychic experiences which were deeply spiritual and very much about my own personal soul journey. Over the years my abilities grew as my positivity, faith and happiness in myself did. Looking back now at my childhood I realise I knew things before anyone told me what had happened and I had seen and heard my guide before but just never understood what it was.


At 30 a life event made me take a good long hard look at what I wanted to do and I felt strongly that I must answer a calling to help others. I made a choice to walk a more defined spiritual path. As I began working professionally with my psychic abillities, the Shamanic path called and I was firmly pushed in that direction by spirit.


My strongest ability is clairvoyance as I am a very visual person. I dream vividly and occasionally these are premonitions of things to come. I often see auras, guides, angels and entities both in the physical and in my third eye. I can look at someone and simply see the things that are happening in their life or know things about them. But more often than not messages come in the form of images that are shown to me.


I do have all other abilities too:

clairsentience - I can feel someone's emotions strongly even if they are not in the same location as me;

claircognizance - sometimes I just have an inexplicable knowing of things;

clairaudience - can usually hear little guiding nudges from those in the spirit world that protect me;

mediumship - loved ones souls that have crossed over who step forward to pass messages of healing


Giving a reading for me is spiritual counselling and an opportunity to be a messenger for the Divine Universe. No matter time or place, whether I am in the supermarket or at work, if someone needs a reading they get put on my path and I am bound to help them. I love to see clients empowered and ready to take on their life with a more grounded and fresh perspective.


I heal with Shamanic Practices, Plant consciousness, Reiki, Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing. Most of my work is guided by those in the spirit world who are here to help. The healing work I do is about releasing the soul of any limitations that are blocking the path to healing and happiness, imposing itself in your life.