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Hi Suneet

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. THANK YOU!

After our session last week I feel so much lighter and more open. I have definitely shifted that overwhelming sense of worry. I have felt more positive in this last week than what I have in months!

I have a long journey to walk, but you have helped me see the path.

I am so grateful that you shared your extraordinary gift with me.


You are amazing! I am sure you are told this everyday but I just wanted to tell you again. Thank you for yesterday, I feel amazing today and very connected. Sonja xx

Hi Suneet,

You have really helped me look at things differently and I hope that I can now move forward with confidence and strength.

I will complete the prayers as you have suggested and will of course be in touch with you should there be any questions that I have about today's reading, or anything else for that matter.

Thanks again and speak to you soon. Best regards, J.

Dear Suneet, thank you thank you thank you. For fantastic readings for both Zena and I. We both had great readings and I felt a real connection with you. We have attended many MBS fairs in Dorking and we looked at a lot of the regular readers and felt a that you were the one. Please keep in touch and hope to see you soon. Neil and Zena xx

Dear Suneet, it was amazing talking to someone like you.....I am amazed at how much you know not only about my situation but most importantly how I feel. I will definitely be keeping in touch. Love Brania

Hi Suneet,

I really enjoyed our get together and I found your reading quite mind-blowing, as I mentioned! I'm not at all surprised the universe is steering you in this direction at the moment :-) Love, A x

Hi Suneet, Just a quick email to say how lovely it was to meet you yesterday at the Wheatsheaf. Your reading was extremely helpful and put me back on the path and restored my faith. You have a real gift and I feel blessed to have met you. All the very best and hopefully we'll meet again soon. Sharon xx

Dear Suneet,

I just wanted to write to say that it was an absolute pleasure to meet you last night.

For my part, I was genuinely moved with the reading that you so kindly provided me with, and can honestly say that you have given me the confidence and positivity I needed to be excited about moving into the next stage of my life.

May I wish you luck in your business and all that the future brings to you.

Warmest good wishes,


Hi Suneet,

For someone who finds clarity in the midst of uncertainty can be overwhelming already. And for that, deep within my heart I thank you for everything you have done for me on this process. Life is quite mysterious and it is very special for me to have known you. All the best, Love, Joan xx

Hi Divine Souls you gave me a reading in late 2013, telling me that the person I was seeing then was not "the one", & that I would meet "the one" in the Autumn of 2014, well I am amazed, because I tried to justify what you told me, but you told me not to shoot the messenger, I have met that special person and we are planning our engagement. Thank you and apologies for doubting the message sent from Heaven above! You are awesome!

Dear Suneet.

I just want to say thank you so much for putting me back together this morning. I was a different person coming away from when I arrived. You are a very special woman with great empathy and vision. Lots of love to you. Claire

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great influence and spiritual support to me, can't wait to tell you all the other things you 'saw' felt, you are so accurate Suneet,thank you xx