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Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship 2020

This beautiful healing ceremony will be bringing forward these three plant consciousness for deep connection of heart, soul and spirit. Choosing the plant concsciouness that calls you the most, you will begin a powerful spirit conversation for healing, guidance and wisdom. The ceremony is held at the time of the Full moon, whose energy is significant in helping to release all that does not serve the soul allowing us re-align ourselves to our Divinity. The number THREE has huge symbolism accross different cultures and in its most basic geometric understanding there can be no whole without the third line as two lines cannot close any space.


During this sacred ceremony you will be:

- gaining insight on where you are on your path and the healing coming in for you

- learning about what plant consciousness is and how to connect more deeply on a daily basis

- learning what each of these plant consciousness offer us botanically and spiritually, and why they have chosen to work together in one ceremony

- understanding the significance of the full moon link with these plant consciousness and what this particular full moon means for us

- you will be connecting with the three plant consciousness through your five senses

- you will be connecting to your chosen plant consciousness vibrationally and with shamanic drumming

- you will be connecting to the spirit of your chosen plant consciousness through a powerful journey called Greenbreath



The spirit of Willow provides us with emotional strength and versatility. She is particularly adept to release deeply stuck emotions, helping us understanding the lessons of our life whilst gently nurturing our inner most self.



The spirit of Mugwort works for spiritual alignment, bringing back into balance our soul, our relationships and our path. She particularly works with healing blockages around our personal dreams and ambitions, clearing our connection to our intuition so we can begin hearing our own inner guidance.



The spirit of Cacao is gentle yet powerfully guiding, working to soften and open our heart chakra. She allows us to embrace what we are really feeling and release all that is an obstacle between us and self love, helping us to see the beauty in the world around us.  


This workshop is £55pp and must be booked and paid in advance as places are limited.


Please bring with you:

- a small personal item for the altar (which you will take home at the end of the day)

- a light blanket or two

- a cushion or two

- a bottle of water

- a yoga mat or something to lie on

- wear comfortable clothes as we will sitting and lying on the floor

- a notepad and pen


Sat 19th Aug, 10am-5pm: