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One of the most powerful lessons that the elder tree White Pine has been taking me through is the art of forgiveness, for self and for others. The most unexpected and interesting part of this lesson for me has actually been all about anger and resentment. I don't mean irritation, grumpiness or rotten moods. And I don't mean the kind of anger that is used to bully and intimidate others. I'm talking about real meaningful anger.

    How can anger be meaningful? Because sometimes anger is just, it is real and it is true. It comes from deep within, a deep stirring of the soul, when your voice or your integrity or your essence is being trampled on, taken for granted, abused. It is




Creating a Sacred Space whether at home or work, or anywhere else for that matter, is never complete without an Altar. Although the word may bring religious connotations it is the intention that brings beauty to this practice. Altars do not have to be large or fancy, they simply must be heartfelt. You are creating something that you treasure, placing items that are close to your heart which hold spiritual reverence for you. Candles are great as they bring in plenty of light energy. Feel free to visit our tree altar on The Healers Grove open day :)

our ROAR. Until this anger is acknowledged, the root of it gently pulled out, taking care to heal is key. Only with this healing, of one of the hardest emotions many of us find difficult to acknowledge, can all levels of forgiveness be embraced.

    Remember - you are always responsible for the way you act, no matter how you feel. It is up to us individually to challenge ourselves to heal, to not tolerate a behaviour or pattern that hurts others or ourselves. There are no excuses. This is not about a telling off, it is not about blame. It is about allowing ourselves to take ownership of every aspect of ourselves, even the parts we don't like and would rather not see. It is, inevitably, about forgiving ourselves <3

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