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How do you react when life doesn't go to plan? When something random falls on your path and shakes everything up? Sometimes the random feels good and exciting but sometimes it feels like all your plans are collapsing around you. I have to say my initial response to things feeling like they are going south is to get out as quickly as possible! Being older and wiser (I think) I try to do my part in facing things head on and then being able to let go of the plan when its right to.

    When this happens on a big scale somehow this change of plan, this unforseen course of events, is easier to deal with and process. It's the little everyday things that are the test. Being




I had the most beautiful and unexpected rainbow healing a few weeks ago. It was at a time when my energy was hugely depleted as a result of alot of energy work and personal shifts in a very short space of time. The interesting thing is that I didn't receive this healing when I saw a rainbow. I was simply sitting in the sun, by a lake on a very sunny partly cloudy day. I kept seeing the rainbow colours around me and thinking it could be my sunglasses I took them off to look up at the sky. There, in a cloud next to the sun, was a small rainbow. It wasn't arc shaped, it was all the colours of the rainbow in a cloud. I feel its energy run through all my chakras and felt a literal recharge of my batteries.

    As you know rainbows are created from refracted light, our visible spectrum, the seven colours which make up white light. Tuning in to white light, sun light, at this seven dimensional level makes it a more gentle and restorative form of healing you can access anytime x

patient with change can be incredibly difficult to adjust to. Especially for those control freaks who think things should go exactly as they had planned in their head. And for the anxious who worry about all the details. However once you realise and seriously acknowledge that in this life there really is nothing in your control except yourself, things will unfold in the exact manner they choose to, when you acknowledge this on every level. flexibility steps in, the mind starts becoming open to more possibilities, all the exciting avenues unexplored begin to appear. 

    Each moment we go through is a death and rebirth, we are constantly dying and being reborn, letting go and becoming something new, the yin and yang, the natural cycle of life, we live it every single moment of our day. So, to be at complete peace with continual change the past should no longer be relevant, no longer have an effect on your relationships with people, your beliefs and interactions with life.

     I know, I know, its easy to say and can be incredibly hard to do. Of course this happens to us on a very physical level without us even paying it any attention. On an emotional, mental and spiritual level we need to pay attention and more often than not put some work into it. This is why we should never get to the point where we think that we don't need to heal anymore or put it off because we are 'too busy'. We are very human and there is no getting away from that :) - not that we want to lol. Self and spiritual development is part of self care. The how, when, what is up to you but it is important to make that commitment to yourself, to the only reason our soul has come to earth - your personal spiritual journey. 

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