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 In September I travelled many miles to be in deep initiation with White Pine. After hearing the call in June, three months of patience ensued before I had my answers. Unlike any other tree or plant I have known so far, White Pine made me wait. That was just the beginning.

       The concept of time has always fascinated me. The point my soul awoke, one of the promises I made myself was to never wear a watch again. Never to live by this time construct made by man of schedules and routine. To this day I have kept my promise. The world weaves itself together in mysterious ways. Something White Pine knows only too well, as they grow




A plant and flower that brings in Beauty and Strength Of Heart. Rose speaks of the courage to love where it is difficult to do so, to see the beauty in all things, the strength to work through overwhelming emotions. There are many ways to incorporate the healing spirit of Rose into your life, whether you are wearing Rose's colour, have cut flowers in your home, working with Rose's scent, drinking Rose tea. Rose is particularly good for this time of year especially if you are senstive to the reduced sunshine. If you would like to work with rose more deeply then my Rose Flower Essence made under the rose full moon is available to buy here.

to be as old as a Giant Redwood. They literally stand the test of time.

     Do we know how to stand the test of time? We are always running out of time, don't have enough time, never on time, have too much time, wasting time, losing time. Where there is the pressure of this man made idea of time there is disharmony.

     Everything has a natural cause and reaction. It is our arrogance as humans to think we have any control over time. Over outcome and events. We are a blip in the ocean of time. We micromanage all the details in our lives to ensure we have the desired outcome. But when we hold up our hands and accept there is a greater fate going on all around us which we are not separate from, we are part of this greater whole, we are an integral part of this greater story, time will become irrelevant. We stand in truth that all that is, will be. And all that will be - IS. 

lion Rose