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Divine Souls is committed to the highest standards of ethical practice, and that includes respecting and protecting your privacy.


This page explains:


who we are

why we collect data

how it is collected

what data is collected

how it is stored

what we do and don’t do with it

how to revoke consent for us to store this data.



Who are we?

Divine Souls Ltd is registered in the UK at Companies House.


Our registered address is: Osborne House, 141 Stanwell Road, Ashford, Middx, TW15 3QN.


The Directors are: Suneet Goomer


Why we collect data

We only collect data that you provide. This comprises:



Email address

Message (on contact forms)


How it is collected?

Data is collected via a contact or newsletter subscription form on our website.


How is it stored?

If you opted in to receive news and updates, your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS is added to to a database stored at Mailchimp.


Read their Privacy Policy.


What we do and don’t do with your data

We do not share data with any person or entity other than the directors of Divine Souls.

If you opted in to receive news and updates, we may from time to time send you news and updates.


Revoking consent for us to keep your data  

You may revoke consent to receive email updates by


using the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email

updating your preferences using this link

emailing us


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