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The shamanic path is a calling, back to oneself in order to become fully aligned with the greater whole, the Divine. In this Apprenticeship you will be undertaking a journey of self discovery, self mastery and deep connection through initiations with the spirit of four plants and four trees. You will be learning core aspects of being a shamanic healer through teaching, experiential and practical exercises. You can expect to also undertake case studies and homework. The eighteen module apprenticeship will start in Nov 2018 and complete in June 2020 and comprise of one weekend a month (dates tbc) with a two month break. The modules will be:


2018: Nov - Initiation & Drum Making; Dec - Sweet Chestnut Tree Intiation

2019: Jan - Healer Strengths & Journeying; Feb - Willow Tree Initiation; Mar - Inner Child & Elementals; Apr - Rose Plant Initiation; May - Emotional Healing & Relationships; Jun - Tulsi Plant Initiation; Jul - Soul Retrieval & Healing; Oct - Yew Tree Initiation; Nov - Ancestral Healing; Dec - Holly Plant Inititaion

2020: Jan - Protection & Cleansing; Feb - Yarrow Plant Inititation; Mar - Divine Masculine & Feminine; Apr - White Pine Tree Initiation; May - Sacred Space, Initiations & Ceremony; Jun - Graduation Ceremony


The prerequisites to the Shamanic Apprenticeship are one of the following: The Star Apprenticeship; Shamanic Coaching Course (With Tanya Adams) plus Reiki Level 2; Mugwort Transmission, Reiki Level 1 & 2 and Experience/Understanding of working with Light Beings. Please do get in touch to discuss the prerequisites further if you feel you do not fill one particular point outlined above or have any questions. 


Places are limited to eight, however plant initiations. The Shamanic Apprenticeship is an investment of £4050, payment plan option is available, please get in touch for more details. An Early Bird discount is available if place is reserved and either full balance or non-refundable £500 deposit is paid before September 30th 2018, Early Bird investment is £3600. Please contact suneet@divinesouls.co.uk to book your place or for further information. A mentoring or healing session to support the apprenticeship will be scheduled when required or requested paid separately per session. Session will be given at reduced price. Support will be available throughout.


I will be teaching this apprenticeship with Tanya Adams who is a trained Shamanic Healer and uses traditional journeying, energy management, breath techniques, and sacred ceremony; to help a person release blockages, restore personal power and energy, which may have been lost through trauma, illness, life changes or stress.  She also carries out space clearing and healing on places.



Nov 2018 - Jun 2020