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We will be working deeply with Tulsi (Sacred Basil) to deepen our connection to our Soul and heal the parts of ourselves that are standing in the way of knowing we are a part of Source and the devotional love this knowing brings.


In Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi is regarded as a powerful healing herb for the digestion, circulation and much more. The story of Tulsi is said to have been a goddess and a devotee to Lord Vishnu, was ultimately re-incarnated as the plant. It is said that in order to express her devotion to her beloved Lord, she took the form of a herb which would be offered in worship and service to him.


This plant initiation is a way to meaningfully connect with the spirit of Tulsi, understand the different aspects of Tulsi's healing gifts, receive insight and wisdom about your own healing and soul journey directly from Tulsi.


Plant initiations are a traditional way of working to connect with the spirit of the plant. The plant initiation is completed in Sacred Ceremony over two and a half days through fasting, ingesting a plant elixir and a series of experiential exercises. The fast will be broken together on Sunday afternoon.


Fasting is not necessary however it is recommended, as it allows full space for connecting with the spirit of the plant, clearing all channels to receive healing on all levels. Supportive foods (such as nuts, rice cakes, nut butter) will be available for those who need to eat a little something. If you need to eat for medical reasons please bring your own food and eat discretely. A gentle liver cleanse will be recommended before attending.


The investment for this plant initiation is £175 which includes accommodation and Sunday meal. Booking in advance is essential as places are limited. Booking can be made by bank transfer to Divine Souls Ltd, HSBC, 404304, 21755803. Please email once transfer has been made.


This will be held in a private residence on a beautiful piece of land which is part of the green belt in Denham, Buckinghamshire. The venue is 10mins from J1 of the M40 and a short taxi ride from either Denham rail station which is 25mins train journey from London Marylebone or Uxbridge tube station on the picadilly line. If you would like to taxi share please let me know after booking your place so I can put you in touch with others who are travelling by public transport.


1pm Friday March 16th - 1pm Sunday March 18th